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Generic Allopurinol
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Vi Doz. Each.
All Generic Allopurinol Size Blades
Complete $7.50
The price of a new blade is less than the cost of sharpening an ordinary scalpel.
The surgeon is thus assured of a knife of Allopurinol Tablet standard Allopurinol Renal sharpness, always ready for use.
The illustration demonstrates its simplicity, the price its economy.
Blades in packages containing 6 of one size. Order by size number.
Nos. 1 and 3 Handles fit Nos. 10 and 11 Blades.
Nos. 2 and 4 Allopurinol Interactions Handles fit Nos. 20 and 21 Blades.
Surgical Instruments and Hospital Supplies
August 1.9 22
(Continued from page lit
Dr. Allen M. Riess. Lafollette, aged 55, died Api
Dr. J. C. Franklin. Nashville, died June 17.
Dr. H. C Rose, Daj died suddenly July 4.
Dr. J. John
at the Greenville Hospital and Sanitarium. Greenville, re-
wherc he had br-en under treatment for several
Dr. Caswell A. Atkins. Powder Allopurinol Buy Springs, aged TO. died
June 13.
It Purchase Allopurinol has Allopurinol Mg been announced that the University of Texas.
Galveston, will erect a fireproof building for library and
museum purposes at an approximate cost of SI 50.000, to-
gether with the construction of a frame building for
laboratories at a cost of 512. 500, and a central heating
The annual meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary of the
Slate Medical Association was held in El Paso May 10.
The following officers were elected: Mrs. M. Allopurinol Generic L. Graves.
Galveston. President : Mrs. W. A. Wood. Waco. President-
Elect; -Mi- \ Scott, Temple. Mrs. R. B. Homan, El
Paso; Mrs. S. E. Hudson. Austin. Vice-Presidents; Mrs.
J. D. Covert. Fort Worth. Recording Secretary; Mrs.
Boyd Allopurinol Tablets Reading. Galveston. Corresponding Secretary ; Mrs.
E. V. DePew. San Antonio. Treasurer.
Dr. Chas. Allopurinol 300mg C. Gault. member of the faculty of the Uni-
versity of Minnesota, has been appointed to the Chair of
Physiology during Dr. Carter's absence, who has gone to
the University of the Philippines and upon Dr. Carter's
return. Dr. Gault will teach under his directions.
The Medical Department of the University of Texas has
created What Is Allopurinol a department of Pharmacology, Mr. Harry V. At-
kinson, instructor in Pharmacology. Materia Medica and
Toxicology in the College of Medicine. Universtiy of Illi-
nois, has been appointed Associate Professor of this de-
Two new laboratories, physiology and pharmacology,
separate buildings, Allopurinol 300 Mg have been erected at the University of
Texas. Galveston, at an approximate cost of $19,000.
The new $125,000 West Texas Hospital, Lubbock, was
recently opened.
Contracts have been awarded for the construction of the
Medical Arts Building. Dallas. The building will Allopurinol For Gout cost ap-
proximately SI, 000.000.
Dr. George W. Wilhite. Orange, has accepted an ap- Gout And Allopurinol
pointment at St. Luke's Hospital, Generic For Allopurinol Manila. P. I.
The Baptist Hospital, formerly known as the Protestant
Hospital. Fort Worth, was recently opened.
Dr. Curtice Mack Rosser. Dallas, and Miss Mary Loy
McGregor, Temple, were married recently.
Dr. Samuel Gibbs Allopurinol And Milliken and Miss Harriet Elizabeth
Bain, both of Galveston, were married June 24.
Dr. Henry C. Morris. Brownwood, aged Allopurinol 100mg 68, died Janu-
ary 31 from apoplexy.
Dr. Milton William McMurrey, Houston, aged 38, died
May 23.
Dr. William Lowry. Teague, aged ST. died May 20 from
Dr. Henry Calhoun Fleming, Denison, aged 69. died at
Henderson, Ky., April 2

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