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Related post: of cause and effect. As a means of obtaining a perma-
nent opening, several years ago I devised the operation
which I will now describe, and Cipralex Online which has accomplished
the end sought for. My excuse for making further men-
tion of it is that time and experience have demonstrated
its practicability, that it is not a complicated operation,
and that it is not as Cipralex Cost well known as I would like to
have it.
To be brief, the similarity of this condition to that
known as web finger presented itself, and it occurred to
me to adapt to this class of cases the well-known opera-
tion of inserting a ring through the web at the base of
the web, leaving it there until cicatrization had taken
place around it, and then cutting through the web and
leaving the edges to heal, Cipralex 30 Mg reunion being always pre-
vented by the presence of the narrow strip of cicatricial
tissue at the base of the cut. The application of this
method proved to be successful, and I have now notes
of thirteen cases in which it has been tried with complete
success, and one in which it proved a complete failure.
Of these thirteen cases, only one was non-syphilitic; but
1 shall give the history of that one also as showing the
result of a single operation on a healthy subject. In the
other cases resort was had to the operation several times
before relief was afforded. The failure was in the person
of a negress, subject to an ultra-severe infection of syphi-
lis, in whom every effort at repair was nullified by de-
structive ulceration, and whose habits and surroundings
were such as to preclude any hope of ultimate success.
In order to render the Cipralex Generic operation intelligible a brief
recital of the various steps may be made. The instru-
ments necessary, which were made for me by the Ford
Surgical Instrument Company, consist of two right-
angled curved staphylorrhaphy needles, right and left,
two small cervix hooks, a pair of long angular mouse-
toothed dressing forceps, and a pair of angular scissors.
1 21 >
V V. Mu. 3m i:..
In addition to these, two delicate probe-pointed knives,
wiih razor edge and back, the cutting projection bent
at righl angle Eourt be of an in h from thi
this portion graduallj increasing in width from the tip
to the angle. The km IV is mounted with Purchase Cipralex a round shank,
four inches in length, inserted in a suitable handle of the
same Length. Carbolized surgeons' silk, Nos. 13 and 14
or L6, is also needed.
The steps axe Generic Cipralex as Eollows: The parts are thorough!] Cipralex Price

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