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Naprosyn 250mg
Naprosyn 250mg

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According to him, the principal indication for this
treatment is found in cases of confirmed alcoholism
without acute attacks. Such a condition is recognized
in the existence of what the author calls the stigmata
of alcoholism, that is, the trembling, the nightmares,
the cutaneous hyperesthesia, and the changes in char-
acter. Subcutaneous injections of strychnine in
amounts of from 0.031 to 0.077 of a grain daily for fif-
teen successive days give the best results; under the in-
fluence of this treatment the patient regains his com-
posure, and the appetite returns, Sale Naprosyn which is one of the
best proofs of the amelioration.
These favorable observations, the writer thinks,
would seem to warrant the application of this treatment
in all cases of alcoholism; this is not the case, however, for
in fatty degeneration of the organs, which implies the
death of their tissues, the strychnine treatment does
not and can not produce any modification of the symp-
Injections of strychnine not only are useless in cer-
tain cases, but may constitute a danger. Strychnine be-
ing eliminated slowly by the urine, the saliva, and the
bile implies that the organs are intact and prevent ac-
cumulation; also, cirrhosis Naprosyn Sodium of the liver and renal imper-
meability are two more great contraindications Naprosyn Cost to the
emploj^ment of this drug. Combemale cites the case
of an alcoholic, who suffered from cirrhosis of the liver
with ascites, in whom tetanic symptoms occurred after
the fifth injection.
The uselessness and even the danger of the strych-
nine treatment, in Naprosyn Otc well-established conditions, do not
constitute, the writer thinks, Naprosyn Aleve an obstacle to the further
employment of this method. On the contrary, the
physician should make the most thorough investigations
concerning its effects, and should not hesitate to make
use of it in the presence of such exact indications ob-
tained from clinical examination.
The Aerial Transmission of Typhoid Fever. — Inves-
tigations in this direction, says Germano (Zeitschrift fiir
Hygiene und Infectionskraiiklieiten, 1897; Presse medi-
cale, July 28, 1897) have been made in the following
manner: A certain quantity of typhoid cultures in bou-
illon or agar were mixed either with the dust taken from
the sick room, with fine sand, with earth, or with the
fffical matter of diarrhoea, all of these substances having
been Naprosyn Price previously sterilized. Each mixture was then dis-
tributed in three Petri boxes, one of which was placed in
a damp room; another was left air-tight on a table in the
laboratory, and the third was also left on a table in the
laboratory, biit, in order to obtain more rapid desicca-
tion, the mass was uniformly distributed on the w-alls
of the box with a sterilized glass rod. At various inter-
vals as much as would lodge on a platinum loop was
taken from each receptacle and sown on a proper
These experiments proved that, in the earth and the
dust, under the influence of slow desiccation, as in the
second box, or accelerated desiccation as in the third
box, the t}'phoid bacillus ordinarily succumbed at the
end of twenty-four hours, and that, occasionally only,
it still gave cultures in bouillon after having been in
the air-tight box for two or three days. In the faecal
matter, imder Naprosyn Ec 500 the same conditions of desiccation, the
life of the t}^hoid bacillus was much longer; on agar
no cultures were Naprosyn 500mg Tablets obtained at the end of six days, but in
bouillon the cultures could still be made at the end of
twenty-five days. This difference is attributed by the
author to the fact that it is very difficult to dry the
typhoid bacillus in frecal matter. He says that, in any
case, if t}'phoid fever is to be transmitted by the air, the
desiccation of the bacilli in the faecal Naprosyn 50 Mg matter woidd have
to be such that they would no longer be aUve.
In another series of experiments the cultures Naprosyn 250mg Naprosyn Ec 500 Mg were
deposited on pieces Naprosyn Sr of cloth and linen. In these condi-
tions, in spite of the progressive desiccation in the boxes,
the typhoid bacilli still preserved their vitality at the
end of sixty days and sometimes even longer. The
author explained this fact by saving that the fibres of the
tissues protected the bacilli against desiccation.
From all these experiments the author concludes
that the doctrine of the transmission of typhoid fever
by the air is scarcely admissible. In order that the air
[N. Y. Med. Joub.
may carry particles to which the bacilli adliere, it is ne-
cessary that they should be found in a condition of
desiccation which is scarcely compatible with the vitality

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