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Related post: Prompt interference is indispensably necessary. Statistics
amply prove its importance. If it be followed in the future 500 Mg Tylenol the
mortality will undoubtedly fall from 60 per cent, to 50 per cent.,
and probably still lower. The operation must be performed early
and quickly; if possible, suture the perforation; beware of copious
washing, and use instead dry cleansing for the serous membranes;
finally, institute a supplemental sub-pubic or abdomino-vaginal
drainage in the female if the pelvic cavity has been the receptacle
of any quantity of the purulent serous Tylenol And Aspirin matter.
Picric Acid in Eczema. — M. Ernest Gaucher, in a report to the
Societe Medicale des Hopitaux (La France Medicale), suggests a
new treatment for acute eczema, which he thinks is superior to all
other methods hitherto employed.
Assuming, as a basis for his treatment, the special action of
picric acid on the epithelial cells, and, also, the efficiency of this
agent in superficial burns, he thinks it Tylenol For Women possible to utilize this sub-
stance in the treatment of acute eczema, and in all acute eruptions
having the character of eczema.
This treatment Tylenol Motrin has been employed with success by Aspirin Tylenol Dr. MacLen-
nan, of Glasgow. As in the case of burns, it is used in the form
of an aqueous solution of one per cent., w^ith which a dressing is
saturated and applied to the surface, and over this a layer of cot-
ton, or a compress saturated with the same solution may be Tylenol Generic ap-
He applies the dressing and leaves it in place for two days. At
the end of that time the inflammatory symptoms have much im-
proved; the swelling and the exudation are much diminished,
sometimes they have entirely disappeared, and Tylenol 2 the cuticle begins to
fall off. The same application is renewed, and the same dressing,
every second day and, after a little time, the acute inflammation is
Medical Excerpt. 57
entirely removed. This solution of picric acid has also the very
desirable quality of removing Motrin And Tylenol the intense itching in a very short
time after its application.
This method of treatment is applicable only to the vesicular, or
the fonii known as Tylenol 500 moist eczema; it may be used when the skin is
red and moist, but it is of no value except in the acute stage. In
cases of chronic eczema, or those having the characteristics of
lichen, the acid will not relieve the itching Tylenol 500mg nor the induration of
the skin. It is applicable only in superficial cutaneous inflamma-
tions, and especially in Coupons Tylenol disease of the epidermis.
The author thinks it Tylenol 1 may be employed with advantage in other
superficial affections of the skin, when the surface is moist, and
especially in all the forms of pemphigus.
Eczema is a ver\' common form of skin disease, and the contrib-
utor has employed it in two severe cases with the result given
above. Generally a very free use of hydrocyanic acid dilute has
given satisfaction, as it does in folicular vulvitis and in similar dis-
eases in which the itching is intense; the solution of picric acid
seems to serve the same purpose.
Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis is reported (New Albany Med-
ical Herald, January, 1897) to be most effectually treated with
papine. To a child six years old, a half teaspoonful of papine
should be given every one, two or three hours, until he becomes
quiet and free from pain, and this effect must be maintained.
Papine (Battle's) is recommended above other preparations of
opium, because it is freed from convulsive and poisonous elements
of opium. In other words, it is a preparation of opium which con-
tains nothing but the pain-relieving and anodyne virtues of the
drug, and it is ver>' palatable and most acceptable to Tylenol Coupons the palate of
children. To adults it should be given in doses of one or two tea-
spoonfuls. Each fluid drachm of papine is equal in anodyne effect
to one-eighth of a grain of morphine. To act on the bowels we
may not give ourselves concern, since agents of this class add
greatly to the weakness of the patient and may cause death in this
AxTiKAMNiA AND ITS ADVANTAGES. — The "Reference Book of
Practical Therapeutics," by Frank P. Foster, M. D., recently
issued by D. Appleton & Co., refers to Tylenol Coupon the extensive use of anti-
kamnia as an analgetic and antipyretic. "It acts rather more
slowly than antipyrine or acetanilide, but efficiently, and it has the
advantage of being free, or almost free, from any depressing effect
58 Med'wal Excerpt.
on the lieirt. Coupon Tylenol Some observers even think that it exerts a sustain-
ing action on the circulation. As an analgetic it is characterized
by promptness of action and freedom from the disagreeable effects
of the narcotics. It has been much used, and with very favorable
results in neuralgia, in fluenza and various nervous disorders char-
acterized bv melancholia. The dose of antikamnia is from three
to ten grains, and is most conveniently given in the form of tab-
DiURETiN is a recently introduced medicine, prepared by Knoll
& Co., in I^udwigshafen, on the Rhine, and so named on account
of its active diuretic properties, so described by Professor
Adolfo Fasano in the Archiviolnternazionaledi Medicina e Chirur-
gia, D'^cembf r, 1896, it is a compound of theonomine with sodium
salicylate, a white powder of bitter tasie, soluble in half its weight
-oi cold water. Exposed to the air, it readily undergoes alteration.
Diuretin produces two most important effects, the first of which
is augmentation of diuresis, which shows itself most decidedly on
the third day of the daily administration Generic Tylenol of the remedy and may go
so far as to render the urine of five times the normal amount. On
the following days the excessive diuresis Tylenol 500 Mg is reduced, but it is not
until the use of the drug has been discontinued for several days that
the urinary excretion falls to the normal quantity.
The other important effect is on the cardiavascular apparatus,
augmenting the blood pressure, as the sphygmographic tracings
-clearly show. Some have denied that diuretin has any cardio-
cinetic action, but that is an exaggeration. From our practice we
are thoroughly convinced that, as Massalongo declares. Knoll's
diuretin strengthens the cardiac systole, because theobromine and

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