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Related post: and commencing in the nose, recently under my care, war-
rant notice here.
The first, a white male, W. W. G., aged thirtj'-five
years, came to me from Brights%'ille, South Carolina, on
account of an irresistible hawking and spitting, some-
times followed by violent retching and vomiting. The
slightest irritation would set up an attack. A probe in
the nose, or a tongue depressor in the mouth, was sufficient
to start a paroxysm. The pharynx was granular and dry,
and some post-nasal pharyngitis was observed. A spur of
considerable size, and yet not large enough to interfere
â– nith normal breathing or make the patient aware of its
existence, was found in the left fossa, and rapid improve-
ment in the symptoms followed its removal.
In the second case a large Order Meclizine nasal ridge running up and
back, pressing deeply into the opposite side, is, no doubt,
causing asthmatic Where To Buy Meclizine breathing at night and severe neural-
gic pains in the ear and neck on the same side as the
growth in a nervous woman aged forty years.
The correctness of one's diagnosis in all of these Buy Meclizine reflex
symptoms of suspiected nasal origin unfortunately, how-
ever, can only be proved by the success following the
removal of the growth, and hence we can not encourage
our patients in many cases with any definite expectation
of relief. The removal of septal spurs with a good nasal
saw is, however, such a simj^le and satisfactory proceed-
ing that the operation should always be done when there
is a reasonable chance that the spur may be the reflex
or mechanical source of any persistent or stubborn disease
or disturbance in the respiratory tract.
By p. E. plumb, M. D.,
Eeadixg the remarks of Dr. J. W. Irion on A Case
of Precocious Menstruation, in the New York Medical
Journal of August 15, 1896, has encouraged me to re-
port the following case, the unique features of which
are: 1. The mature development of the genital organs
and mammae; 2, the hypertrophied clitoris; and 3, the
exercise by the infant of a mature sexual instinct and
feeling — more prominent, indeed, than is generally found
in the average woman. These facts make the ease en-
tirely unique in medical literature, or at least I am not
aware that anything equal to it along this line has ever
been published.
On September 30, 1895, I was asked to attend Mrs.
.J. L. F. Order Meclizine Online in her second labor, the first child, a strong,
healthy boy, being just one year old to a day. The lady
is a robust and unusually healthy woman of French
descent, twenty-eight years of age, Meclizine Online her husband being
a hale and hearty banker, thirty-four years of age. Both
are well educated, intelligent, and refined, possessing
all the comforts of life desired by them. The husband
said to me: " We both are generously endowed by Na-
ture with very strong generative instincts, and we should
find it hard to feel that life was a success with us should
anything occur to prevent our bringing up a large fam-
ily of children."
After a short and unusually easy labor, as nearly
painless as any I ever saw, during which ilrs. F. chatted
and laughed continually, she was delivered of a nine-
pound daughter; yes, I may almost say a grown-up
It Buy Cheap Meclizine will probably be easier for the reader to surmise
than for me to explain what my astonishment was to
notice the advanced state of development of the external
genitalia: in size, representing those of a seven- or eight-
year-old girl, but in form and development more nearly
approaching those of a young woman of fifteen: the
whole being covered by a liberal gi'owth of dark-brown
curly hair. The clitoris, however, was elongated and
enlarged beyond that found in most women, being
about an inch and a quarter long and about three lines
in thickness, with the prepuce extending abotit a third
of the length of the organ. The hair on the child's
head, averaging about -three or four inches in length,
was of a beaittiful chestnut-brown. There was Generic Meclizine no hair
in either axilla. The mammre were about an inch and a
half in diameter, raised about half an inch, and their
centres were surmounted by small, pink nipples, about a
quarter of an inch high and the same through. The
child's facial expression was clearly feminine, about like
that of a delicate twelve-year-old girl, with clear-cut
regular features, dark eyebrows, and well-formed motith.
This inventory I Meclizine Buy supposed would entirely complete
June 5, 1897.1
the list of the young hidy's pec-iiliarities, Init whun I
called next day I was constrained to say " Will wonders
never cease?"' when the nurse informed me she had no-
ticed that batliing the child's breasts seemed to make it Buy Meclizine Online
very nneasy and that the Purchase Meclizine Online little nipples became erect and
very prominent. On my questioning her she admitted
that the clitoris also acted in the same way. I then
made sure of the Purchase Meclizine child's sexual excitability by seeing a
prompt erection of both the nipple and the clitoris when-
ever the former was manipulated, and erection of the
clitoris alone when it was handled, these erections being
accompanied by every manifestation of acute sexual ex-
This marvelous young Hebe thrived very well, ex-
cept that the least irritation from bathing, contact of
clothing, etc., in the neighborhood of the clitoris was

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